Monday, January 7, 2013

Stepping into Greatness

Change is hard.   I like change most of the time, but it is still hard.  I spent pretty much most of 2012 working on changing the only one I can change.  Me.   I would listen to ideas and try to comprehend.  At first the ideas would go way over my head.  After listening again, I would kind of get it, then I would get it, but not know how to apply it.   Then I would apply it, but it would be awkward like the first time you ride a bike.   Then you start to get a good handle on it.   Next thing you know what you thought you were getting good at in reality was just level 1 out of 1000 on the scale of greatness.  :)   Its frustrating and motivating all at the same time.  I love that humbling moment, and I think God enjoys it to.  I feel like I have it figured out then he opens up a new revelation.  A new perspective and it changes everything.  I am thankful for those that God puts in my life to show me those things. 

I need to be working harder to try to stay uninvolved from the things that can steal time from the things I need to be focused on.  There are always a million things that need done, but I believe that God only gives us just enough things to fill our day.  Chances are if I don't have enough time in the day to do what I need to do, then I am doing some things I shouldn't be doing.  The enemy is great at providing those distractions.  He doesn't just provide evil distractions either.  He provides nice things to do.  Ways that you can help people and ways that you can do many other wonderful things.  We have to be listening closely to Holy Spirt to know what is right.  If we settle for good, we can never be great.   Stepping into "greatness" means stepping away from "good".  Greatness never seems to stay in one spot either.  If we get a hold of it and think we can stop we are kidding ourselves.  What is great today is good tomorrow and worthless the next.   I just want to keep moving forward and striving for greatness in all of the areas of life.   David could have been satisfied with killing Goliath, and not become a great king.  What would this world be if Jesus wasn't willing to go to the cross, but instead just kept doing good things for the people he came in contact with?   I'm praying for vision to see past good into great!  

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